Posted by Tim Kelley on Jun 29, 2018
I had so much fun at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  I highly recommend attending one if you never have.  Here, I'm pictured with Bob Gravino of Ipswich Rotary and Jerome from Nkwazi Rotary in Zambia.  Nkwazi Rotary is the local Rotary Club partner for the Global Grant Healthy Kids/Brighter Future.  It was enlightening to meet several members from Zambia.  
There were Rotarians from all over the world.  In addition to fellow Rotarians from our District, I had the opportunity to meet Rotarians from Canada, South Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Brazil, various US States and others I can't remember.  It was inspiring to hear about so much going on in the name of Rotary all over the world.
Speakers at the general sessions included Justin Trudeau, Laura Bush, directors/presidents of the WHO, UNICEF, many RI VIPs.
Toronto is a beautiful city and was very accommodating.
Next year's convention is in Hamburg, Germany.  Who wants to go?