Posted by Tim Kelley on Jun 13, 2018
The RMHS Robotics Team presented to us at our Monday Luncheon Meeting this week.  We have been a supporter of this team (the Robockets) since its inception 5 years ago.  Their organization is impressive, with several areas of specialization, Business and Technical Presidents and Leads in the following areas:  Media, Mechanical, Strategy, Programming, Awards, Design, Project and Electrical.  They hosted a regional competition at the RMHS Fieldhouse for the past several years.  They have won several high awards in the FIRST Robotics.  Pictured here are Business President Tanya and Strategy Lead Brett.  Tanya and Brett, along with Thomas and Jack, gave a powerful presentation about their team, although they were slightly upstaged by the maneuvering  of the robot.  A great presentation.