Posted by Tim Kelley on Feb 06, 2018
At our meeting on January 29, the Club elected the following to leadership for the 2018-19 Rotary year:
President Tim Kelley
President Elect Mike Collins
Vice President: Open
Treasurer Ed Sartell
Secretary David Traniello
Immediate Past President Brian Snell
Board Members:  Michael Bonsey, Bobbie Botticelli, John Douglass, Gregg Johnson, KC Latham and Mark Beckley
One great thing about Rotary is the opportunity to hone your leadership and public speaking skills.  If you have not served in a leadership role recently or ever, consider putting your name forward in the future.  We are looking to establish a line of succession for the next several years after Mike Collins' Presidency year.
Note also there are several Committee Chair positions (Foundation, Membership, Public Image) which Tim will need to fill, either from the Board or the general membership.  Don't be shy to volunteer.