Posted by Tim Kelley on Jul 27, 2020
Congratulations to RMHS Class of '20, who at long last were able to hold their Commencement on Sunday, July 26.  It was a beautiful night, with a stunning sunset.  (Photo credit:  Sharon Collins).
Among the happy graduates are Rotarian children:  Griffin Collins, Mike's son; Samantha Gibbs, Lisa's daughter; Trevor Kinney, brand new member Kathy Kinney's son. (Let me know if I missed anyone.)
The logistics were a tremendous undertaking, with social distancing, masks, staggered arrivals and departing, frequent swapping out of microphones, and RMHS Principal Kate Boynton coordinating with the Board of Health, Police and Fire.
Senior Class President Maura Drummey's speech specifically acknowledged Rotary's creating the Senior sign display on the Town Hall lawn as a highlight of the community coming together to rally around this class during the pandemic.
Since they missed out on so much during the shutdown, it was great to see this special group celebrating this milestone in a totally unique ceremony.