Posted by Nadia Haddad on Apr 17, 2023
Reading Rotary has exciting news.  We are joining forces with the Rotary Amman Citadel in Jordan in an International Project to combat the increasing problem of obesity in Amman.
Two decades ago the obesity rate in Jordan was 27%. Currently, the obesity rate in Jordan is at 35.5% and growing.  This represents the largest increase in obesity rate of any country in the world. It has also led to a 15.4% rate of diabetes and other health issues that their country is unequipped to handle.  Combined with very little emphasis on physical activity and a lack of sporting facilities, the issue is real and trending in the wrong direction.
The Rotary Club of Amman has designed a project that addresses the growing problem and will have a sustainable effect on their youth.  This project starts with a healthy living awareness campaign which includes social media, posters, flyers, workshops and lectures. It also includes the organization of local sports and activities. The final step is to construct a public, open-air sports facility or playground complex for local children to play outdoors.
Due to the difference in the cost of living, the total budget for this project is $35,000.  Reading Rotary has agreed to sponsor the project and has authorized $5,000.  We are asking each Club in our district to help us raise the additional funds.  With your club’s donations and the matching grants from our district and RI, we hope to achieve the goal of $35,000. 
We can use help from Reading Rotarians on our committee and with visiting other Rotaries to discuss this project to gain their support.  Thanks for your consideration. Contact Nadia Haddad or Mike Collins with questions, invite us to speak at your club or for further information.