The Polar Plunge is February 29.  We have two brave Plungers signed up, KC and Mike B.  Tim is fundraising as a virtual plunger (i.e., not going in).  Please pass along the links and donate to our cause, if you haven't already.
Polio Eradication is RI's big signature cause and the elimination of Polio, with Rotary's major role, will be only the second disease eradicated through human efforts.  Remember that the Gates Foundation matches all gifts 2:1.  Help us make history! To learn more about Rotary‚Äôs fight to eradicate Polio, go to
Please share on social media, email, etc.  
I also encourage people to attend the Plunge.  It's great so see so many dedicated, slightly crazy Rotarians come together.  
According to Mike Bonsey, the best part is lunch at Woodman's afterward.