Posted by Tim Kelley on Apr 19, 2018
All are invited to attend Reading Education Foundation's Imagination Celebration on April 28 from 7:30-11:00 pm.  It will be held at the Lee Kimball Design Studio, located at 606 Main Street, Suite 3003, Reading.
The Reading Education Foundation (REF), a non-profit foundation, is committed to supporting innovation and excellence in the Reading Public Schools.
Its goal is to enhance and increase educational opportunities for all Reading students by providing funds for projects that go beyond the scope of traditional classroom learning.
REF, formerly the Reading Technology & Education Foundation, was founded in 2001 in response to a need for technology in the Reading public schools. During its first decade, REF granted over $300,000 to the schools in the form of smart boards, laptops, teacher training, etc. Thanks to the generosity of this community, REF technology grants have supported every public school in Reading and reached every child in the district.

In 2011, REF expanded its mission in response to the economic crisis that is having a detrimental impact on public schools. The Board determined that widening the mission was vital for supporting excellence in our schools. REF is committed to providing grants for innovative programs and teacher training that help our students develop skills in creativity, collaboration, communication, and empathy, so important for success in our world today. “We intend to fulfill the research and development role within the Reading school district,” explains Debbie Boschetti, co-founder of the Foundation. “We will make every effort to fund cutting-edge programs and teacher training for Reading schools to ensure 21st century success for our students.”
Rotary has been a community partner with and sponsor of REF.  All Rotarians and community members are invited to attend the Imagination Celebration.  Tickets are available online.
If you cannot make the event on April 28, you can support REF through its Online Auction starting on April 23.