Posted by Tim Kelley on Jul 20, 2021
Welcome to our new Rotarians inducted on July 12 at the Club Installation Celebration.  
Brenda Simblaris is joining a Corporate Member from Austin Prep.  Brenda is the Assistant Director of Admissions at Austin.  Brenda joins along with other AP members Sue Belanger and Dr. Jim Hickey.  Fun fact about Brenda is that she is married to Peter Simms of Simms Jewelry.  A little bird also told us that it is Brenda and Peter's Wedding Anniversary today.
Kathy Kinney was officially inducted on July 12, but she has been a member of Reading Rotary for over a year.  She joined just about the time the pandemic hit.  And it took us a while formally to induct her.  Kathy is on the Board of Directors.  Kathy has been very involved in volunteer activities in Reading.  Kathy coordinated our first Senior Sign project, from the parent side in 2020. 
Welcome, Brenda and Kathy.
Also, note that we have a new member application from Nadia Haddad, branch manger for Northern Bank in Reading.  We look forward to Nadia's induction coming soon.