Posted by Tim Kelley on Apr 17, 2023
All Rotarians are asked to log into our website and update the information on your Membership Profile to make sure your information is up to date. Pro tip:  add a photo to your profile.  If you have trouble logging in, you can contact Tim. 
ClubRunner is our website and our membership database.  There are a lot of utilities available there.  For instance, if you are ever looking to contact another member, you can contact them directly through the website and find their phone numbers, address, etc.
Also check out the ClubRunner mobile app for your mobile device.  With the ClubRunner app on your mobile device, your fellow Rotarians' contact info is at your fingertips.
You are also able to check your dues account balance and pay your bill through ClubRunner.
Do you want the Rotary events to appear magically on your calendar?  You can subscribe to the website Calendar so that our club calendar automatically syncs with your phone.  Follow the instructions there to subscribe to the Calendar.