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Welcome to the 21st Century. 
We will be run our first attempt at a Club Zoom Meeting on Monday, April 6 at 12:15.  Watch your email for the link or contact Tim Kelley for the link to join.
What service can be done during this pandemic, consistent with prudent social distancing?
We have been continuing to support the Reading Food Pantry.  The Food Pantry is very busy with more than usual requests.  We are continuing to help the Food Pantry with the weekly food run into the Greater Boston Food Bank.  If you can help with this, please email Art Hayden who coordinates this with Bruce and Phyllis Maxwell at the Food Pantry.  The Food Bank Run is each Thursday, leaving from the Old South Church at around 10:15 am.
The Food Pantry is also changing how they allow their customers pick out and pick up their food.  Right now, it appears that they have adequate volunteers, but they will reach out to us if they can use more hands.
We hope everyone is doing as well as they can be during this public health emergency.  This crisis is unprecedented. 
If any of our Rotarians are in need of assistance with shopping or errands or anything else, please let me know.
Rotary would like to help, but we, like you, are in uncharted waters.  Rotary has members and volunteers who are willing to be of service, but we need help identifying persons or populations in need.
We know there are individuals, whether they be senior citizens or families, who may be in need of help with shopping or errands or other things.  If you know of someone who needs help in the community, please let us know.  We may be able to help or may be able to identify other resources.
We also know there are businesses that are hurting.  Local businesses, especially restaurants, are the first to be asked by local charities for donations of gift certificates, sponsorships, goods and services.  Those local businesses are the ones who have supported Rotary and so many other local groups in the past.  Now they are in dire need of our support.  Please consider ordering takeout, purchasing gift certificates or patronizing their business in some way (appropriate social distancing required).
We are struggling to see how we can help.  Please reach out to us with your ideas and let's stay a strong, united community during this crisis.  Perhaps as important as our physical needs now are social and emotional needs.
Our motto is Service Above Self.  This ethic can help keep us connected and lift our spirits.  
Best wishes to all from Reading Rotary.
In an abundance of caution and in light of the state of emergency, we are cancelling our meetings for March (previously scheduled meetings of March 18, 23 and 30).
We hope to see everyone again as soon as possible.
Gotta go wash my hands now.
Please check with our calendar regarding any of our meetings or events.  We may feel it prudent to move, cancel or postpone meetings as the situation unfolds and as governmental guidance is updated.  If information is not updated, please contact President Mike with specific questions about meetings.
We will not meet at the Residence at Pearl Street until further notice.  After discussion with their management, it is decided that we need to move meetings from the Residence at this time.  We expect to return to lunch meetings there in the future.  Thank you to management and staff at the Residence for their generosity in hosting our meeting space all this time.
Please listen to the medical experts.  Exercise your best judgment regarding social distancing, hand washing, etc.
Our vulnerable population needs the rest of the population to take prudent measures to slow the transmission of the coronavirus.
Be well all!
Over the next couple of weeks, we will conduct our literacy program, Rotary Readers, by visiting each K and 1st Grade class in Reading Public Schools.  We will read to the class and deliver a backpack with books for each student.
Please keep an eye out for an email request for Readers.  We will need many volunteers to complete this in each of the five elementary schools in town.  Wood End and Killam are this week and slots have been filled.  Next are Barrows then Eaton and Birch Meadow.
We hope all are feeling well and keeping calm in wake of the coronavirus issue.  I am sure everyone is taking appropriate precautions, however, staff at the Residence at Pearl have asked us to make all Rotarians aware of their protocol regarding luncheons there.  If anyone has been to or been exposed to someone from one of the identified level 3 countries (currently they are China, South Korea, Iran and Italy), please exercise discretion and do not attend lunch at the Residence now.  The residents there are at greater risk.
If you have traveled to a country with a COVID-19 outbreak, you are advised to stay home for the next 14 days and monitor your health.  Symptoms my appear 2-14 days after exposure.  Symptoms can include:  fever (100 F or higher); cough; shortness of breath.
RYLA.  Leadership training for 10th & 11th Grade Students on May 8-10.  At Camp Glen Brook, Marlborough, NH.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary International’s leadership training program for young people.  Rotary District 7930 has a long-running annual program for high school students. Sophomores and juniors are invited to attend a weekend long event, where they learn leadership and life skills including goal setting, cultural understanding, problem solving, communication, public speaking, networking, community building, team building and more!
Please return Application to Reading Rotary by APRIL 1 to Tim Kelley, 1 Pleasant Street, Suite 5, Reading, MA 01867.  Apply early as spaces will fill up.  Please direct any questions here.
Some of you may remember that our club sponsored a District 7930 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in 2000, Chris Daly.  As an Ambassadorial Scholar, Chris studied New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji in 2000. She was sponsored by Reading Rotary and individually by Richie Lombardo.  

Chris has been named  as one of the “5 Best Mediators in New York” where she mentions her Rotary scholarship:  https://kevsbest.com/best-mediators-in-new-york/

She serves as Associate Director of Training for the New York Peace Institute in NYC.  

Taken from the NY Peace website:  Chris is an attorney, trainer and a certified conflict coach & mediator. She oversees the growth and development of New York Peace Institute’s certified mediators and is a member of the Executive Team. Chris manages our competitive Apprenticeship Program, an education program for aspiring conflict resolution professionals. Prior to joining New York Peace Institute, Chris was a domestic violence prosecutor for 10 years at the District Attorney’s Office in Bronx County. Chris has a master’s degree in education from Harvard University and a law degree from Boston College. Chris was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji, where she promoted cross-cultural understanding. She is actively involved in the New York State Bar Association, particularly in the Law, Youth & Citizenship Committee. Chris is dedicated to identifying innovative approaches to bringing people together so they can manage disagreements creatively and constructively.

Chris was a supremely impressive young woman during her time as an Ambassadorial Scholar.  It's rewarding to see her success, especially in the areas of peace and conflict resolution.

Two last minute requests regarding the Polar Plunge.
1.  If you have not already, please consider donating to our team.  We're lagging behind previous year's donations.  Remember donations go to the Rotary Foundation and may be credited toward Paul Harris Fellow points.  And the Gates Foundation is matching donations 2:1.
2.  Please attend the Plunge if you can.  It's a great event to see so many Rotarians outside Reading.  I normally attend, but due to a funeral, I can't this year.  Please support Reading's Plungers.  Mike Bonsey's highlight from last year was lunch at Woodman's afterward.
The Plunge is at 11.  Parking is at Good Harbor parking lot with shuttles to Long Beach.
On Feb. 26 we held a Dementia Friendly training session, hosted by Gregg & Bruce Johnson at Lee Kimball Design Studio.  Dementia Friendly Reading is an initiative through the Town's Elder Services partnering with the DKJ Foundation.  It's goal is to train people, business and organizations about living with dementia, how to understand those with dementia symptoms.  Dementia Friendly Reading has been training individuals and businesses.  
Reading Rotary has now become the first civic organization to be certified Dementia Friendly.  It was a wonderful presentation by Meagan Putney.  We had a healthy crowd of around 50 people.  This was the largest group DFR has presented to.  Thanks to all who made it out to attend this very important training. 
Bruce Johnson encouraged all in attendance to spread the word about DFR.  If you or your company or organization want to be trained, DRF will coordinate a training session for you.  It is approximately 60 minutes and offers very helpful information and tips.
DFR's website can be found here.  Dementia Friends is part of an international initiative to create awareness and understanding of dementia.
The Polar Plunge is February 29.  We have two brave Plungers signed up, KC and Mike B.  Tim is fundraising as a virtual plunger (i.e., not going in).  Please pass along the links and donate to our cause, if you haven't already.
Polio Eradication is RI's big signature cause and the elimination of Polio, with Rotary's major role, will be only the second disease eradicated through human efforts.  Remember that the Gates Foundation matches all gifts 2:1.  Help us make history! To learn more about Rotary’s fight to eradicate Polio, go to www.endpolio.org.
Please share on social media, email, etc.  
I also encourage people to attend the Plunge.  It's great so see so many dedicated, slightly crazy Rotarians come together.  
According to Mike Bonsey, the best part is lunch at Woodman's afterward.
Welcome to new members, Jeanne Borawski, Andrea Evans Zoia and Gabe Moraga, who were inducted at our Membership Open House on January 15.  Membership Chair Lisa Gibbs and a team including, John Douglass, Brian Tobin and Mike Collins, organized a very successful Open House at RCTV.  We had 11 additional potential new members attend and it was a great time.
Jeanne is a well known volunteer in town.  She serves on the School Committee, but will be stepping down from that elected position in March at the end of her second term.  Jeanne is a former teacher and was very involved in the planning of the hugely successful Reading 375 festivities.
Andrea is an employment law attorney, with her office in Boston.  Andrea is coming is as a  Service Member and as has said she is looking to become involved in community service in the town.  Andrea is the mother of two children ages 3 and 18 months.
Gabe is the branch manager of Salem Five on Walkers Brook Drive.  He is taking Shelley Murray's place as Rotary rep from the bank.  Gabe has been a regular attendee of lunch meetings and has already make the Food Bank Run and spun some cotton candy at the Festival of Trees.
Please join with us in welcoming these bright, new faces and make them feel at home in our club.  
The Polar Plunge will be held on February 29.  We have 3 Rotarians registered so far.  It's not too late to sign up.
Please spread the word, plunge and donate to this exhilarating but freezing cause.
Polio eradication has been Rotary International's signature global initiative for many years and with the final push and partnership with the Gates Foundation, we have the opportunity to get over the goal line finally.  Remember that your donation is matched 2 to 1 by Bill and Melinda Gates.  A $100 donation becomes $300.
I also encourage all, even if you're not plunging, to attend the event.  The energy and enjoyment of so many Rotarians (yes, even beyond Reading) will inspire you.
WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!
Save The Date for our Annual Rotary Membership Drive
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
5:30 - 7:30pm
RCTV Studios, 557 Main Street, Reading
Spread the Word! 
Share on Social Media and Bring a Friend! 
Drinks, Appetizers, Camaraderie, Inductions, Prizes
Please make sure to attend.  We have 3 new applicants for membership:  Gabe Moraga;  Andrea Evans Zoia; and Jeanne Borawski.  Without objection, they will be inducted as part of our meeting on January 15.
The dedication for the Service is Timeless Clock in memory of Camille Anthony is this Friday at noon.
Rotary had a hand in the creation of the fund for the donations collected from the community.  Any Rotarian who can make it, please do so.
The clock is already in place at the foot of Haven Street at the train Depot.
The Adopt a Family drop off and pick up day is Tues., Nov. 26.  Thanks to all who have signed up to help.
Location:  DPW Garage.
We had a wonderful crowd for the 44th Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon with Stoneham Rotary.  Since this year's Rockets vs Spartans game is in Reading on Thursday morning, Reading Rotary hosted the event at St. Agnes Parish Center today.
Pictured here are coaches and captains from the RMHS and Stoneham teams.  It should be a well played game at on Thanksgiving.  Game time is 10 am.  Also in attendance were many officials from the respective Towns' Administration, school departments, police and fire departments, parents of the players, cheerleaders, Interactors, and a State Representative, too (Rep. Haggerty).
So please come out to watch the teams at Hollingsworth Field at RMHS on Thanksgiving morning.  While you're there, stop by the Snack Shack for some hot chocolate, donuts or other snacks to warm up for the big meal.
Reading Rotary is pleased to announce that RPD Patrolman David Savio is the recipient of the Club's 2019 Unsung Hero Award. Officer Savio was honored as part of Rotary District 7930’s Unsung Hero Awards Night at its Foundation Diner held on November 7 at Andover Country Club.  Reading Rotary selected Patrolman Savio as a special person in our community who wakes up every morning and puts others before himself and dedicates his work to helping others in need, truly embodying the Rotary motto: “Service above Self.”
Reading Rotary presented Patrolman Savio with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award, one of the highest honors Rotary can give to an individual.  In addition to the recipient's recognition exemplifying the highest ideals of Rotary, Clubs or Rotarians recognize Paul Harris Fellows from donations made The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International which supports Rotary’s world-wide programs.  Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary International.
Patrolman Savio exemplifies the core values of duty, honor and selfless service.  He has served the Reading community for 25 years and has been recognized countless times by the community for his support and dedication.  Serving as Safety Officer, Officer Savio was awarded the AAA Gold Award for traffic safety and the MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) Officer of the Year Award.  He has been awarded 4 Commendations from the RPD for distinction in service, including saving the life of a man trapped under a car in 2009.  In addition, Officer Savio is a Field Training Officer and has been featured in an educational documentary entitled “Behind Blue Lights.”  In his spare time, Officer Savio is also an active supporter of “Sean’s Ride” for MIT Officer Sean Collier who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings and an active member of the Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club which supports active and retired law enforcement. 
Also honored at the Foundation Dinner was Cpl. Micaila Britto, USMC Ret.  Cpl. Britto is medically retired from the armed forces due to injuries she received in service.  She currently serves as Director of Veterans Services in Raynham.  Rotary District 7930, which funding from Clubs including Reading, donated funds for a Great Dane service dog for Micaila.  Rabbit, the service dog, allows Micaila to be more mobile and assist her with balance.  Rabbit was trained at the Service Dog Project, Inc in Ipswich. (servicedogproject.org).
It's always wonderful when our dear friend David Gardner visits our club.  Dave, of course, is a Past District Governor from the Stoneham Club.  At this week's meeting, Dave gave an update on the District 7030 and RI's Polio progress and the Polar Plunge in February 2020 on Leap Day.  Rotary International is working hard with partners like Bill and Melinda Gates to Eradicate Polio, which will be a huge milestone for all Rotary and all humanity.
All brave Plungers (and Virtual Plungers) are called to Long Beach on Feb. 29.  The Gates Foundation continues the 2:1 match for donations.  The District hopes to go over the one million dollar mark in fundraising for Polio this year.  Fundraising is very streamlined with the mobile app.
Thank you, Dave!
Pooja has let us know she will not be able to ascend to the President's role.  We are looking for someone to step in as the President Elect.  Jenniffer Rogers has volunteered.  If anyone would like to step up into the leadership ranks, please contact Tim Kelley.  Note that we need leaders for the years following Mike and Jennifer.  
If anyone has any input before the next Board of Directors' Meeting, please contact President Mike or Past President Tim.  The Board will take official action regarding President Elect at its next meeting.
Please join with me in in thanking, Jenniffer, for volunteering her leadership!
Best wishes to Don W on a speedy recovery.  We're looking forward to seeing you back at Monday's lunches.
There are two District events coming in the next couple of weeks.
Membership Forum on Oct. 30 at Kitty's.  Lisa Gibbs and Mike Collins will be attending.  If you would like to attend in addition, you may contact Mike or register on the District website.
The District Foundation Celebration of Community Heroes dinner will be held on November 7 at Andover Country Club.  Reading will be honoring Police Officer David Savio.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Mike Collins.  We have reserved a table and can also add more seats from Reading if necessary.  Info regarding this event can be found here.
This Friday, Nov. 1, RMHS Football will be hosting a playoff game under the lights.  Rotarian help is needed to staff the Shack.  
This game was only scheduled on this past Saturday, after the Rockets beat Lexington to secure first place in their Division.
Also please note we may have home games to run the Shack on November 15 and 22.  Please pencil those dates in your calendar, as we may need Rotarians to sell snacks on short notice.
If you can help this Friday, please contact Mike Collins.
We had a good crowd at today's lunch meeting with Representative Rich Haggerty as our Speaker.  Rich gave an overview of legislative highlights, bills under consideration and projects being appropriated for Reading.  Rich represents Reading and Woburn.  Oh yeah, Rich also happens to be the son of Reading Rotarian Dick Haggerty and has had something to do with the Reading Chronicle.
We also noted and congratulated Rich's recent wedding to Haley.  Both Rich and Haley have been frequent patrons of Reading Rotary events.
Thanks to Rep. Haggerty for coming to visit us.
Reading Rotary is once again working the Snack Shack at Friday Night RMHS football games.  It is a fun way to provide a community service and some food to local football fans.  The Rockets are first in their division and are hoping to have some home playoff games before Thanksgiving.  Mark your calendar for Thanksgiving morning.  Reading will host Stoneham in the annual Turkey Day game.
We are grateful that the 2019 Reading Fall Street Faire was such a huge hit!  The weather was absolutely perfect and the crowd was huge.  Lots of people are saying it was the best one yet.
Thanks to the Committee, including Chair John Feudo, Sheila Clarke, Gregg Johnson, Ed Sartell, Jenn Rogers, Kathi Spurr, Mark Beckley, KC Latham, Tim Kelley, Denise Eaton, Bob Beckman, Kristen Bonazali, Paul Gargano.
Also we need to thank our generous sponsors.  See our major sponsors' banners still hanging on Haven Street.  Thanks also to all the vendors and groups. We had tremendous support from hundreds of community volunteers with the set up and breakdown.  Last but by no means least, thanks to the Town staff including DPW and Facilities who did an outstanding job all day with the set up and clean up.
We are appreciative of the partnership with the Town of Reading, the RPD, the RFD and Health Department.  It was a team effort from the whole community and we have a lot to be proud of and thankful for.
On to 2020!
Reading Rotary is partnering with Reading Cooperative Bank and the friends and family of Camille Anthony to provide a fund for donations in the memory of Camille for a clock to be erected in downtown Reading.
Camille was a long time community volunteer, service notably on the Select Board, Conservation Committee, Town Meeting and numerous other Town committees.  She was a steady hand in Reading.
Camille always wanted to see a prominent clock somewhere in Downtown Reading.  To help see her vision as a reality, you may donate to the Service is Timeless Fund at Reading Cooperative Bank.  You may make your donation online also here.
Congratulations are in order for the following members who received Paul Harris Fellow recognition at this week's lunch meeting:  David Traniello & Brian Tobin received their first PHF.  Don Washburn received his PHF Plus 8.  Rotarians who contribute $1000 to the Rotary Foundation are named Paul Harris Fellows after Rotary's Founder.  Congrats and thank you for your contributions to the wonderful humanitarian projects funded by the Rotary Foundation.
Pictured here with President Mike are Don and David.  Brian does not tolerate the paparazzi. 
Rotary recently made a donation to St. Vincent De Paul Society.  SVDP is an organization run out of St. Agnes and St. Athanasius Churches in Reading and provides emergency assistance to community members in need.   Here SVDP Chair Bob Finigan and team are pictured with Rotarian Tim Kelley.
On April 26 a crew of Rotarians delivered trees to every 5th grade student in Reading Schools.  This is a tradition in our club since at least 1985, when Rotary took over the project from the defunct Jaycees.  Rotary partners with the Town, we purchase and deliver the trees, the DPW packages the saplings, as an important part of Reading's designation as a Tree City.  This year we gave out Eastern Redbud trees, a beautiful flowering tree.  Thanks to KC for organizing the project and the team of Bobbie, Mark, John, Pooja, Mike and Tim who delivered them to the students at the 5 elementary schools.  Pictured here is Bobbie with students at Birch Meadow School.
On March 20, we held an Open House for prospective new members.  Membership Chair John Douglass organized the event, which was held at RCTV Studios.  As part of the evening, Sheila Clarke and Pooja Parsons were formally installed as Members, although both have been actively participating in Rotary for quite some time.  Pictured here are Gregg Johnson (Sheila's sponsor), Sheila Clarke, John Douglass, Pooja Parsons and Brian Snell (Pooja's sponsor).
It was a marvelous event with several prospective members in attendance to learn a little bit about all Rotary does in the community.
We have not one Rotarian but two running the Boston Marathon for a charitable organization.  John Doherty will be running the Boston Marathon to support Rosie's Place.  John has lead many groups of Rotarians and Interactors to serve at Rosie's.
This week's speakers were Stacy Rodriguez-Rennard and Gail Gregory with Title IX Girls, a non-profit organization which melds a running club for girls with social emotional wellness.  Our member Tyler Fleming is running the Boston Marathon to support them.  TItle IX Girls seeks to teach girls at the most vulnerable age how to navigate their emotional experience, find inner strength, and discover stability within an unstable world.  They "aim to meet every girl where she is, helping her see her potential before she realizes her own power and providing a space for her to explore, practice and master skill development."
It was a beautifully sunny but brutally cold and windy day at Long Beach this past Saturday for the 2019 Polar Plunge.  Rotarian Plungers were Mike Bonsey, Gregg Johnson and KC Latham.  Plungers from Interact were TJ Kelley, Kyle Dumas and Mike McHugh.
District 7030 has set a high bar with a goal of raising $125,000 this year for polio eradication.   Polio is the signature cause of Rotary International.  The Gates Foundation has partnered with Rotary and has committed to matching donations 2 to 1, that is Gates will contribute $2 for every $1 we raise.  Rotary has the opportunity be the major mover in eradicating only the second disease in history.  We're close, but not quite there yet.
Our club is as of now is 7th in the District with $3,050 raised.  Our neighbor Wakefield has raised over $9K.  Great job, Wakefield.
Here's our Team link for donations.  Please spread the word and let's see how much we can raise to this vitally important cause.
Tim Kelley and Bobbie Botticelli were on hand at the Residence at Pearl for Ron Winslow's suprise 93rd Birthday Party on February 2.  Ron's family pulled off quite a feat to surprise Ron, who is as sharp as ever.  Ron has been a Rotarian for over 60 years and was Club President about 50 years ago.  The Winslow Family had a fly swatter themed cake.  Ron was the business manager for Reading Public Schools and he and wife, Doris, ran Winslow's store on lower Haven Street for years.
Happy Birthday, Ron!
Congratulations are in order for newly sworn in Massachusetts State Representative Rich Haggerty.  
Here is His Honor at the State House with proud parents Elaine and Dick Haggerty.
We are very sad to report that long time Reading Rotarian Jacquie Carson has passed away.  Here is a link to her funeral arrangements in Bennington, VT.  
Jacquie was very actively involved in Rotary serving as a director, secretary and Past President.  She was usually right in the middle of every fundraiser and service project we held.  
Our thoughts are with Jacquie's family, especially her husband, Brian Johansen.
At today's Meeting Foundation Chair KC Latham (far right) presented Muhammad Khan, Michael Bonsey (PH+2) and Mark Beckley with Paul Harris Recognitions.  Named after Rotary's Founder, the Paul Harris Award is one of Rotary's highest honors.  It is awarded by donation to the Rotary Foundation.  Congrats, Muhammad, Mike and Mark!  Keep up the great work.
Reading Rotary was again a proud supporter of Reading Education Foundation's Festival of Trees this weekend at Parker Middle School  We were the Event Sponsor and sold cotton candy, pizza, candy and other refreshments all weekend.  Thanks to all Rotarians, Interacters, family and friends who helped out.  A great way to kick off the Christmas season.
 News about our our fellow Rotarian Tyler Fleming.  Tyler, as you may know, is a runner.  In fact, in a few short years has become an exceptional one, qualifying for the Boston Marathon twice in the last year alone.   One of those qualifying marathon races was the day before the Reading Street Fair.  He ran a ridiculously fast race in Salt Lake City, boarded a plane a few hours after finishing, arrived after midnight, woke up and came to the street fair to work the entire day.
Tyler has made the decision to run Boston 2019 with a team of just four people in support of Title IX Girls Running Club.   Tyler's fundraising link can be found here.
Thanks to Stephanie Johnson of Reading Coop (and President of Peabody Rotary) for passing on this information.  Congrats, Tyler!  Very impressive.
A big thank you goes out to President Dennis O'Hara and Stoneham Rotary for hosting a wonderful joint meeting for our 43rd annual luncheon on November 20.  Featured were the captains for the Reading and Stoneham high school football teams and the coaches and athletic directors.  IN attendance with officials from both towns the cheerleading captains and Interact club.  RMHS won a tight match on Thanksgiving Day in OT.  Stoneham, however, went on to the Division 6 Super Bowl in Gillette Stadium on December 1 and overpowered Old Rochester for the Division Super Bowl.  Congrats, Spartans!
On November 20, Rotarians gathered at the DPW garage for the Adopt a Family Program.  The Program matches families in financial need to be matched with donors of a Thanksgiving meal.  Reading Rotary partners with Reading Cares and the Town to run this great program.  Special thanks to Gregg Johnson and Brian Snell for working to coordinate the details before the drop off/pick up day.  The Adopt a Family drop off/pick up day for Christmas is December 20.
Do you have news to share with your fellow Rotarians?  If you are aware of any good news, accomplishments, milestones or other events that you'd like shared with the Club, please let Tim know.  
At this week's meeting, BSA Scout Thomas Walsh presented about his Eagle Scout Service Project.  Thomas will be leading a crew to place reflective bands on utility poles near fire hydrants.  The bands will show Reading Firefighters the distance to a nearby hydrant easily; the bands are especially needed when snow buries the fireplugs.  Eagle Scout is the highest rank in BSA Scouts and requires advancing through the 6 lower ranks, earning at least 21 Merit Badges, holding leadership positions in the Troop, performing community service and planning and overseeing a major community service project.
Rotary supported this project with a $200 donation.  Congratulations, Thomas, on an impressive presentation and project.
Reading Rotary is pleased to announce that Erica McNamara, Director of Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse (RCASA), is the recipient of the Club's first Unsung Hero Award. Ms. McNamara will be honored as part of Rotary District 7930’s first Unsung Hero Awards Night to be held on November 8 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm at the Four Points Sheraton in Wakefield.  Reading Rotary selected Erica as special person in our community who wakes up every morning and puts others before herself and dedicates her work to helping others in need, truly embodying the Rotary motto:  “Service above Self.”
Reading Rotary will present Erica with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award, one of the highest honors Rotary can give to an individual.  In addition to the recipient's recognition exemplifying the highest ideals of Rotary, Clubs or Rotarians recognize Paul Harris Fellows from donations made The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International which supports Rotary’s world-wide programs.  Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary International.
Erica serves as the Director RCASA.  RCASA mobilizes community partners, residents and youth to build collaborative approaches and reduce youth substance abuse. RCASA offers educational programs for residents in Substance Abuse Prevention and has been a model of for creating substance awareness and programs.  Erica has been Director of RCASA since its inception and is recognized by her peers as exceptional in her field.
For those interested in joining in honoring Erica McNamara, please contact Reading Rotary President Tim Kelley at 781-942-9838 or timkelleylaw@me.com or through the Reading Rotary website:  www.readingmarotary.org.
Reading Rotary is once again partnering with ReadingCares and the Town to run the Adopt-a-Family Program for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  
For over 30 years Reading's Adopt-a-Family Program has anonymously matched donors with recipient families for Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals and gifts.  
If you would like to participate in this program as a donor or are in need or know someone in need, please visit our Adopt-a-Family page where there is more information and details regarding this wonderful holiday giving program.
Questions may also be directed to ReadingAAF@gmail.com or by calling 781-942-6680.
On Sunday, TJ Kelley celebrated his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  TJ is in Troop 702 out of the Old South Church in Reading.  TJ is also the President of the RMHS Interact Club and son of President Tim.
At the Court of Honor, Tim presented a certificate on behalf of Reading Rotary to honor TJ"s achievement.  Reading Rotary has an informal partnership with Scouting; this partnership was created by Past DG David Gardner in recognition of the common purposes of Rotary and Scouting, community service and strong ethics.
TJ has also been active with RYLA, as a participant and on the planning team.  Pictured here is TJ with Keith and Christina Harris, Rotarians and RYLA veterans.
Last Sunday was a great day in Reading at the celebration of the 10th Annual Fall Street Faire. The Rotary Club of Reading, along with loyal volunteers coordinated a special day with plenty of entertainment and activities to keep attendees happy.
“To bring an event of this magnitude to fruition takes a village – not only the dedication of the Rotarians and volunteers, but also the participation of hundreds of vendors and the financial support of our sponsors,” said Event Co-Chair Gregg Johnson.
Event Co-Chair Sheila Clarke echoed Johnson’s praise for the sponsors. 
This year’s gold sponsors were Beacon Consulting and CTA, Eastern Bank, Lahey Health, Northern Bank, Pediatric Dental Associates, Salem Five and Sartell Electric. Davis, Clark & Latham Insurance, Hallmark Health, Horseshoe Grille, RCTV, Spurr Financial and Xfinity were silver sponsors. Douglass, Edgerley & Bessom Funeral Home, Honda Gallery, Leader Bank, Residence at Pearl and the YMCA were bronze sponsors.
“Key to the success of the most popular event in Reading lies with our sponsors, vendors, volunteers and the thousands of you who come for a day of enjoyment and family-oriented fun,” said Clarke. “Thank you to all who take part in this feel-good event.”
After months of feverish preparation, the 2018 Reading Fall Street Faire was a huge success.  Approximately 170 vendors and community groups set up booths along the Faire route on Haven, Main, High, Chute, Linden and Sanborn Streets in Downtown Reading.  There was entertainment on two stages, one or Main Street and one on High Street.  Other features were many blow up apparatuses set up around the route.  The Children's Area at the Reading Coop parking lot was very popular.  The day was kicked off with a 5K Road Race.  
2018 was the 10th Annual RFSF and the second presented by Reading Rotary.  A special shout out to the great team who planned the day:  Sheila Clarke and Gregg Johnson, Co-Chairs, Ed Sartell, Kathi Spurr, KC Latham and Bob Beckman.
I was overwhelmed by the amount of community members, Rotarians and their family members who rolled up their sleeve to participate.  So many people helped including Boy Scout Troops 702 & 728 with the set up and tear down, Samantha's Harvest Club at the Children's Area.
The weather cooperated, too.  There was an autumnal chill in the air, but no rain or wind.
This was a great day for Reading and for Rotary and was enjoyed by so many.
We are moving our location for Luncheon Meetings.  We will be meeting at The Residence at Pearl Street, 75 Pearl St., Reading.  The Residence is an assisted living facility, located in the former Pearl Street School.  Thank you to The Residence for offering us the meeting space.
We want to thank the Reading Public Schools for hosting our lunch meetings for the past several years.  Thank you, RPS and Superintendent Doherty for giving us a home. 
RPS has moved some programs and office space, which makes that conference room not longer open to us as of September.  The School Committee Meetings have also been moved from the conference room to the RMHS Pat Schettini Library.
Hopefully this move will meat we'll see more of Ron Winslow, who lives at The Residence.
We mixed up our monthly Social Meeting this month and held it on Thursday July 19 from 2-5.  Shelley Murray and Salem Five Bank hosted us at their Small Business Day at the Walkers Brook Branch.  The highlight was the return of our own Brian Snell, who looked great.  
In addition, Salem Five had many professionals available to discuss services for small businesses, from loans to investments to retirement accounts to payroll services.  Other highlights were the lobster rolls from Laurie's 909 and a visit from Past President Mirela.
Thanks again to Shelley and Salem Five.
At the Reading Rotary Installation Dinner on June 19, longtime Rotarian, Ron Winslow, was presented by the Club with a Paul Harris Fellow Award.  Ron is an Honorary Rotarian and was Club President over 55 years ago.  Ron was recognized for his many years of service to the community and Rotary.  Ron is always filled with enthusiasm and fun.
Pictured here are Bobbie Botticelli, who presented the Award, Ron and family members and President Tim.
Congratulations, Ron!  
The RMHS Interact Club ran their Dunk Tank at Friends and Family Day on Saturday.  They did a great job and raised funds for their projects.  TJ Kelley and Pat Freeman deserve hazard pay for being the only two dunkees.  They were great sports.  Also, staffing their booth were Kathryn, Jess and Ava.
Interact is the high school age Rotary club.  Reading Rotary sponsors Interact Clubs at both RMHS and Austin Prep.  RMHS's club is in its 8th year.  Austin Prep is starting their 2nd year. 
Gregg Johnson will be honored by District 7930 as our Club Rotarian of the Year at the District Installation Dinner on June 14 at 6 at the Danversport Yacht Club.  This is well deserved as Gregg always takes on so much whether it be with the Fall Street Faire or the Snack Shack or any of our many other service projects.  Kudos, Gregg!
Please let Brian Snell know if you can make the event to support Gregg and me as incoming President.
Once upon a time, Reading Rotary was in the movie business.  In 1935, Reading Rotary made a film, "The Movie Queen," which featured a fictional movie star visiting Reading and seeing the sights and people of the town.  
Robert Perry discovered the footage at the Reading Public Library.  Robert operates a film company, Province Line Pictures, and he converted the film and edited it into a short film.
Robert was generous to share his find with us.
Here's the edited version.
Here is the unedited version.  
You can also find them on the right hand side of our homepage at Links: Rotary Video.
Robert has added the music to both.
If you like local history, you're in luck.  Enjoy.
Reading Rotary is part of Rotary International.  There are 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide.  The work of Rotary begins in the community and every community has unique needs.  Rotary International has 6 key Areas of Focus to maximize our efforts.  They are:
Promoting Peace.  RI has up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellowships annually at Rotary Peace Centers at universities around the world.  Rotary Clubs participate in service projects in other parts of the world to promote understanding and peace.
Fighting Disease.  Most notably, Rotary is working with the Gates Foundation, UNICEF, WHO and the CDC to eradicate Polio.  This will make Polio the second disease that humans have eradicated.  In 2016 there were 37 cases of Polio in the 3 countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Nigeria.  This year to date there are 5 to date.  We are so close to Ending Polio Now.
Providing Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.  Rotary service projects improve sanitation and facilities, promote good hygiene habits, build wells, implement rainwater harvesting in areas lacking basic necessities we take for granted here.
Saving Mothers and Children.  Rotarians support programs that provide immunizations, prevent HIV transmission, promote good nutrition, provide information about and access to health care.
Supporting Education.  Rotarians support child and adult literacy programs, volunteer in schools and after school programs, serve as mentors and promote student enrollment throughout the world.  Locally we are large supporters of the Reading Education Foundation, provide scholarships, support Reading Schools and sponsor student Interact Clubs.
Growing Local Economies.  Rotarians provide equipment and supplies, partner with microlenders to provide access to financial services, help with agricultural opportunities and Adopt a Village using strategies to break the cycle of extreme poverty in impoverished areas.
There are opportunities to provide service and humanitarian assistance locally, nationally and worldwide.  We are always looking for ways that we can help our community.  Our motto is Service Above Self.
Reading Rotary Charitable Trust is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170, including tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.  Reading Rotary Charitable Trust's EIN is 47-7416401.
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